Avana Africa is a social enterprise that upholds traditional cultural sustainability in the age of globalization. We enhance contemporary interiors with “signature accent designs” that reflect traditional global cultural heritage!

Avana tries to contemporize traditional crafts with durable and modern finishes, and transforms them into modern-day utilitarian objects. We wish to facilitate universal acceptance of traditional crafts as a part of contemporary living and thus, preserve the unique richness and diversity of cultural traditions.

At Avana, we work with the artisan sector, which is the second largest employer in the developing world after agriculture, with our current focus being on sculptors and artisans of West Africa.

Avana believes that artisan businesses are totally economically viable. We envision a world where artisans are fully integrated into global commerce and where increasing revenues would flow to artisans in communities in need of economic opportunity. Avana wants to safeguard, support, engage and encourage the power and potential of the artisan sector by increasing volumes and global markets, to increase their incomes, to ensure the next generation learns and carries on the art of their fathers and grandfathers and thus, stops it from vanishing. We further empower our artisans by providing them with basic modern machinery and training them to use the worldwide web and social media to increase awareness.

This has helped us formulate our company's mission to create a global marketplace for authentic contemporary African craftsmanship.

Avana is currently working with nearly 80 sculptors and artists across different countries of West Africa.

Avana Africa attempts to make the past meet the present and lead the way into the future!





Kouamre Baba

Kouame Emmanuel